We Offer Orthognathic Surgery Consultations

Orthognathic surgery is commonly known as corrective jaw surgery. This procedure treats and corrects abnormalities of the jaw and the teeth that make it difficult to chew, talk, sleep, and interferes with other routine activities. Extreme cases of TMJ may need orthognathic surgery to treat the condition. Learn more about TMJ here.

  • This procedure is performed when orthodontic problems cannot be treated with braces.

  • A qualified team of  experts work together to determine the need for the procedure.

Our services will provide the complete foundation of your treatment. We are well equipped with the best technology available from the latest digital imaging technology to get you started with a consultation.

Orthognathic surgery is not for everyone!

Often, orthodontic treatment (braces) solves problems concerning the jaw. Always and only allow a professional to diagnose any orthodontic conditions.

For more information about our services:

Learn more about braces and how they may solve problems with abnormalities of the jaw and teeth.