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I’m so glad I chose (Aday & Coombs Orthodontic Specialists) for my braces. As an adult, my work schedule is not very flexible, but Dr. Aday, Dr. Coombs and their team are, which made it easy to schedule appointments. They were always super friendly and explained the process every step of the way. I’m so pleased with the results I would certainly recommend (Aday & Coombs Orthodontic Specialists) to anyone.

Dalene Hodnett

My family is grateful for the excellent care we received at the Aday & Coombs office.
Emma was popping bands and smiling throughout the whole procedure and we were most pleased with the gorgeous results!
We found a real friend in Dr. Aday and loved the entire Staff!


Bob D. and Crew

“Dr. B. Aday and Dr. Coombs,
I am extremely satisfied with my smile! It was a long and challenging time in my life. Thank You for always ensuring and encouraging me that the end result would be worth it. What brought me the most comfort was you both explained in detail what to expect. I truly appreciate your entire staff.”


I was a patient of Dr. Aday’s in the early 2000’s.  I absolutely loved the staff and the professionalism of everyone there. The office is clean, the staff is friendly, and they are consistently fast and I never had to wait long.  When it was time for my Daughter to get her braces,  there was no question where we would go.  Dr. Aday took such great care of us both and now we both have beautiful straight teeth.  I highly recommend (Aday & Coombs Orthodontist Specialists) to anyone who needs orthodontic care!

Jimmie Hauser

I just want to say Thank You for how invested you all are in each of your patients. I truly appreciate how you made my smile as close to perfect as possible. You all made my experience so pleasant and as comfortable as possible. Again, I want to say “Thank You” so much for my new smile.

I want to thank you and your staff for making a long and sometimes frustrating experience tolerable.  I was always greeted by name and with a warm friendly smile.  When I had a problem it was remedied promptly – always.  All procedures were explained as were questions answered thoroughly and patiently – always.  You and your staff were kind and reassuring and I appreciated that – always.
Kathy Dahlin

A visit to the Aday & Coombs office is a learning experience. I have lived in three different states and my dental/orthodontic encounters have always been professional and efficient.
However, Dr. Aday and staff have added a dimension to their practice that demonstrates how: 1.) a well conceived architectural design of the facility and, 2) the use of landscaping with scope and variety contribute to the fluid and coordinated practice/performance of those participating in quality patient care.
The effective use of space and placement of objects creates good design as seen in this facility. An analogy can be made that the mouth is the space and the objects being placed are the teeth with the result being great dental design.

Thank you Dr. Aday and staff for your awareness to your environment, it is conveyed in the relationship and the results with your patients.


Both my kids have received orthodontic care under Dr. Aday. My kids have always received care above and beyond the norm, and his practice is a true model of what medical care should be. Each visit is thorough, comprehensive, informative, and completely comfortable. From the front desk with their efficiency, and their friendly demeanor, to the assistant (Tara) who takes the time to remember small details of my kids dental history, to Dr. Aday, who have worked in such professional manner to help my kids with their complex needs – this practice is excellently run.

Most of the staff has been with Dr. Aday for over 10 years and that helps my kids, who don’t think visiting a dentist is fun, see familiar faces and reduce their anxiety. Certainly glad to have been referred to this practice.

My kids have been patients of Dr. Aday since 2008.

P. Pai

I would like to express my satisfaction with Dr. Aday and his staff at Aday & Coombs Orthodontic Specialists. My son, Diego, had some serious work that needed to be done and I was skeptical if they could help us. We had moved from Virginia where work was started on Diego’s teeth but we were quickly referred to Dr. Aday after we got settled into Las Cruces. Diego has been on this journey for quite some time and the results are amazing. Dr. Aday knows exactly what he is doing and how to get the right results. From the beginning Dr. Aday has informed us on what would be best for Diego and what bumps we might come across. We have never felt lost or out of the loop. Dr. Aday’s staff has been more than helpful! From the front office, to billing, and all the orthodontic assistants, they have all been such a wonderful help and have helped make this whole process smooth. None of this would have been possible without any of you. Thank you Dr. Aday, and staff!

“Dr. Aday, Dr. Coombs, and their staff are the best orthodontist team New Mexico has to offer! They gave my daughter the best smile ever and now it’s my turn. They are professionals who go above and beyond to make their patients happy. They provide a loving, warm, and relaxed atmosphere while offering extensive care during and after braces and treatment. I’m pleased to consider them our extended family, and I would recommend them to anyone.”
Sireana B.

I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Aday and his ENTIRE staff. From day one all the way through the follow ups after Breanna got her braces off, we have always been treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism and the results are amazing!  Thank you so much for all that you do!

Brenda Taylor

We are very happy with the staff we have worked with at Aday Orthodontics.  My son suffers from TMJ and has begun treatment.  The professionalism of the dentist and his support staff has been outstanding which also extends to the office staff.  It truly has been a great experience with everyone we have worked with!


“My experience with Aday & Coombs Orthodontic Specialists was nothing short of amazing. When it came time for me to get braces in high school, I was equally excited and nervous. Fortunately, Aday & Coombs Orthodontic Specialists has it all – incredible staff, friendly service, and gave me an amazing orthodontic experience. They provided amazing support throughout my entire experience – even after hours. The best part is that my teeth came out amazing! Even after almost ten years, I still owe my smile to Aday & Coombs Orthodontic Specialists!”

I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Aday and his ENTIRE staff. “My name is Irene, and I have always wanted nice straight teeth. Being an adult, I didn’t feel comfortable with braces, so I got Invisalign! Dr. Aday and Dr. Coombs, who specializes in Invisalign have done a wonderful job getting my teeth so perfect! They are very professional and very comfortable to work with, and I recommend their services to those in need of a good smile!” From day one all the way through the follow ups after Breanna got her braces off, we have always been treated with the utmost courtesy and professionalism and the results are amazing!  Thank you so much for all that you do!

I have four children, and they have all been treated by Dr. Aday.  He began treating my oldest son 14 years ago, and my youngest daughter continues to see him today.  Between the four of them, they have been in bite jumpers, palate expanders, partial braces, headgear, full braces and probably several devices I’ve forgotten about!  Two of my daughters have had complicated cases regarding crowding and jaw growth.  One thing I always notice about Dr. Aday is that he looks at every individual situation seriously as a puzzle he needs to fit together.  He ponders, worries and then comes up with a solution.  One of my daughter’s’ jaw grew six years after having her braces removed.  Dr. Aday was able to visually correct this problem so she won’t have to surgically repair it.  I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Aday and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who asked!!

Lisa Biad

When it comes to taking care of your Dental Health and becoming the proud owner of a Perfect Smile, (Aday & Coombs Orthodontist Specialists) is where you need to go.

We are an Active Duty Military Family and have been for, soon to be , 20 years. My wife is a Pediatrician with the US Air Force. We have 4 children and 3 of them are Patients of Dr. Aday. Our two oldest have been in and out of Braces and have perfect smiles and the 3rd one will be in braces, probably, before his next birthday. Our youngest, she’s just 5, will see Dr. Aday when she reaches the age when she will need some expert Orthodontic help. We would consider no one else to take care of one of our children.

Every time we go to see Dr. Aday it is like you’re visiting Family. All the Staff are warm and friendly. They are absolute Professionals when it comes to how they explain what is going on and why. I can’t remember a time when one of my kids was ever nervous or afraid when visiting Dr. Aday. They are always “pleased” when they have to go to see him when its a School Day. They consider it sort of like a “Field Trip”.

If you are currently in the position of trying to find a good place to take care of some of those Orthodontic needs, which can seem scary, confusing, and overwhelming at times, call up and make an appointment with (Aday & Coombs Orthodontist Specialists). I assure you that you will feel no pressure and after the visit you will have been informed and educated as to exactly what needs to be done and what your options are. If you need any help in understanding why you will be blessed by using Dr. Aday’s expertise and talents just look at all the “Before & After” pictures before you are called back to start your Journey with, what we think, is one of the best Orthodontists in the Country.

Lt. Col. JoAnn B. Couch, MD & Dwight Couch & Donnie, Jackson, Zachary, & Maryann
Dear Dr. Aday & Medical Staff,

In October 2012, I sat in your office for my initial consultation. This would mark the start to an unbelievable 4 year journey. Several in and out procedures and one major surgery; but I am finally headache free and I got a pretty nice smile out of the whole thing. There were numerous times when I felt discouraged, hopeless, physically and emotionally drained. During these times, I would enter your office and be re-encouraged by you and your staff, to continue fighting to become headache free. I trusted you wholeheartedly, never did I second guess your knowledge, advice and sincerity. You and your staff made me so comfortable, loved and supported with each visit. You believed in me and our goal. With your suggestion, we included Dr. Ng. This decision lead to a hard recovery road but while being treated by him and his staff I was treated like VIP. I was eager to see how the surgery went and happy to come back to your office and continue orthodontic treatment. We learned the surgery was a success not too long after, the braces and headache went away. The emotions and happiness you and your staff felt for me was just amazing and heartfelt. All of you have been right by my side through this journey, staying strong and positive, even when I felt down and hopeless. This in and of itself, is what family does and I will never forget that. I will continue to keep in touch and visit. You all are a part of this story and will never be forgotten.


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